How to Find Fashion Inspiration From Nature

Jessica Hagy finds inspiration in some unexpected places around town.

Coco Chanel once said, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." 

Here on "The Scoop" you've seen me frequent a myriad of places for style inspiration. From the antique mart to the boutiques, I've galloped around to almost all of Agoura's sartorial outposts.

But even though I love gathering inspiration from these traditional sources, there's also something to be said for noticing the colors, textures, shapes and patterns all around you in nature.

Soaking up the organic is a refreshing way to work different aspects into a wardrobe. From the bold colors of a flower to the feather-like texture of a neighbor's plants to the unique heavy metal detail of a door at the Canyon Club, noticing what's around you can offer some surprising inspiration.

So, I decided to go all-natural on you this week and unleash my inner bohemian love-child from the hills of Agoura. I sleuthed around some front yards (sorry about the roses, ma'am), almost got run over snapping pictures of the flowers in front of Starbucks, and stepped in horse poop wearing bejewelled sandals-all for you. 

You'll find the corresponding images in my photo gallery.


I spotted coral flowers in someone's yard in Old Agoura and they made me all sorts of giddy. Coral has become one of my absolute favorite colors this year, and I adore it in every form: lipstick; high heels; sun dresses, you name it. I've been wearing the beloved hue in the form of a Revlon lipstick, and it's an instant mood booster.

Rustic Hues

I found some chopped wood on the sidewalk and couldn't help but be entranced by the pattern and colors. The rustic hue reminded me of one of my favorite recent purchases-a vintage camel suede coat found during a at Bungalow Antiques.


Citrus is an obvious source of inspiration for me, because I'm so smitten with the colors. Bold green, orange and yellow get me every time, in any combination. If you're feeling especially brave, I'd suggest Stella McCartney's citrus print silk top. It's obviously a literal translation of the inspiration, and I dig it.

Pops of Red

Red is a popular color this year, and I happen to think it adds excitement to any outfit. To wear the color in an interesting new way, pair red with hot pink for a color blocking affect (recently seen here in a blog post of mine).

Feathered Appeal

Feathers, feathers, and more feathers. They're everywhere. I snapped a photo of the plant in a front yard, and the fluffy texture and muted colors just reminded me of a feather. You heard local stylish ladies waxing on about feathers in I did, and one of my favorite ways to do the look is to wear one long, dangling feather earring. And if you're in the market for feather extensions, check out Planet Blue in Westlake Village.

Naturals + Blues + Greens

I happened upon this gorgeous distressed door and loved the muted greens and blues paired with more natural colors. The color palette is especially inspiring to me, since I'm craving color for spring and summer. I'd love to interpret this image into nude trousers and a billowing blue blouse paired with bright green jewelry. J Crew's new "Favorite Tank" in mineral green fits the bill when paired with nude pants.


The horses just outside of Old Agoura reminded me of how much I love the simplicity of equestrian style. The crisp cut and sleek lines of riding boots when worn with skinny jeans and a white button down are timeless and refreshing.

Heavy Metals

I found unusual doors when walking past the Canyon Club and couldn't help admiring the roughness of the hammered metal. I love the look of mixed metals and one of my favorite recent discoveries is Dannijo, a jewelry line with gorgeous pieces that's perfect for piling and mixing.

Ethnic Prints

I love just about any print these days (especially when mixed with other complimentary prints), and this printed fabric hung outside the Canyon Club got my sartorial juices flowing. One designer that showed fabulous ethnic-inspired prints this season was Matthew Williamson who has said he was inspired by the natural world when he created his latest collection.


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