Jessica Hagy
Third grade meant the beginning of a lot of things for most students: writing in cursive, a tumultuous relationship with the multiplication table, noticing boys in a red-in-the-face kind of a way... but for Jessica Hagy third grade was also the beginning of a lifetime of creative expression.
It was a third grade teacher at Westlake Elementary that pushed the shy student with Mary Kate and Ashley (esque) bangs to do something she'd never considered: perform. One monologue later and that inspiring teacher had unleashed an enduring love of story telling. Since the age of eight, Jessica's love of telling stories (and sometimes the less successful joke) has evolved a bit. She has maintained her love for acting and is currently a working actress in Los Angeles, and she also discovered her other favored mode of expression: words. Her love of writing drew her to study Broadcast Journalism and Creative Writing at the University of Southern California, where she worked on USC's Annenberg TV News as a writer, reporter, and editor. She also interned at NBC's "Access Hollywood" and "CNBC" and studied abroad in one of her most beloved cities, London. Jessica's main interests include: fashion (with a particular affection for vintage party dresses), travel, music, reading, interior design, and entertainment. She also likes puppies and themed parties... but who doesn't? You can read more from Jessica at www.thebudgetfashionista.com where she covers frugal fashion finds, as well as her blog, www.jessicahagy.blogspot.com, which features her musings on style, interior design, and relationships with those boys that still make you third-grade-red-in-the-face.
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