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Hi, I’m Tamar and I am passionate about food photography, baking and cooking, and lover of all things chocolate. I enjoy capturing the textures, colors and flavors of recipes through my images, using natural light to enhance shadows and light. In the kitchen, I like to get creative by experimenting with new recipes, developing my own or making a favorite dish for my husband, two boys, family and friends.
I developed my love of photography as a child watching my father and grandfather take pictures. When I was 10 years old, I received my first camera, a Vivitar, and took a photography class in high school where I developed my own film in a darkroom. I have always been fascinated with the newest cameras and upgraded mine on a regular basis, enjoying life through a lens. Looking back through my images over the last 10 years, there was always a picture of a dessert I ate, a dish I cooked or something I loved in a restaurant. As my photography grew, I realized just how much I loved taking pictures of food. Combining my love of food photography with my love of baking and cooking was a natural progression. On my Patch blog, you will see a variety of dishes that I love to cook, bake, photograph, and eat… and they’ll change with the seasons. Enjoy!
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