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I was born in Casablanca, Morocco. At age 10, my family moved to Israel and settled in Jerusalem. I relocated to the US after marrying my husband 25 years ago. Our two sons: 24 and 21 were my inspiration to enter the field of Jewish eduction 20 years ago. I just wished they did not grow up so fast...
 In Israel, I graduated from ‘Beit-Tzvi” - The school of Arts and Performance with a degree in Stage Design. I have also worked as a tour guide for 7 year. Throughout the years, I've attended countless  professional  courses and workshops in Education and in Judaism offered by the Los Angeles Bureau of Jewish Education. I completed many seminars at the University of Judaism, as well as completed an AA degree in child development at Peirce colledge. In 2000 I graduated from CSUN with a BA in Religious Studies/ Jewish Studies.  My love for traveling along with the ability to speak 5 languages, have inspired me to also become a tour guide in Israel.  While in Israel, I worked for seven years for the Francophone department at the Sochnut (Jewish Agency of Israel).  In past 7 years, I have been leading Bar/ Bat Mitzvah tours in Israel.  I feel so privileged to work in the two  fields I love so much!! and to be able to prepare so many of the Bar and Bat Mitzvah students for their big day. I feel blessed to be surrounded by an amazing community that is truly like an extended family to me.  http://www.jsnbynomie.com/jsnbynomie.com/About_JSN.html
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