Kelsey Stuart
Kelsey Stuart was born in La Jolla, California and had a vibrant childhood on the East coast. Attending elementary school in North Carolina and junior high school in Virginia, Kelsey decided at 13 she was an expert at relocating.
The eldest of four kids, amid a large chaotic Norwegian family, her parents did one final move that led her to California where she finished at Westlake high school. She graduated and took a year off to attend Torchbearers International School in Germany. She had fun making international friends and learning another culture.  She graduated from Fresno State University in 2008 and within her time there she enrolled for a year in the Air Force ROTC program, where she found her inability to shine boots but discovered her passion for flying and is now a student pilot as well as a member of the Ventura County 99's Women Pilots organization. Kelsey took up her interest in journalism her last year at Fresno State and enjoyed writing for the city's local newspapers.  She and her husband spent a year in Fresno, while he finished up playing football for Fresno State, she tended to their newborn son and served at California Pizza Kitchen. They moved back down to Thousand Oaks when her husband was offered a job as defensive coordinator for Moorpark College.  Kelsey delights in meeting new people and hearing their stories, and she loves being able to share them through writing. Kelsey freelances for the Ventura County Star and other publications, as well as entertains her very active toddler. 
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