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An assignments editor, field producer and writer in the Houston television news market for several years, Jill packed up her VW Bug and drove west to pursue opportunities in television production. With no promise of employment, she worked her way into the tv news studios at KTLA, then quickly parlayed her skills and experience in to reality programming, research and development, and news magazine production at such companies as Barbour/Langley Productions, Saban Entertainment, and Twentieth Century Fox.
Her greatest career accomplishment was pushing for the development and production of a story that ultimately led to the recovery of two kidnapped children after a ten year absence. The experience, while rewarding, also compelled Jill to carefully consider her own approaching parenthood and the television industry's long hours, stress and travel demands. Eventually, she transitioned into the field of public relations where her responsibilities included the development and implementation of marketing and publicity campaigns for independent feature films and syndicated television shows, and representation of feature film directors, celebrities and performing arts accounts.  Jill enjoys writing, reading, learning, traveling, service to others and causes, pet adoption advocacy, cooking, decorating, entertaining, Bikram yoga, the company of family and friends, and watching her sons swim for CLU, and play water polo for Agoura High School and Los Angeles Water Polo Club.  Follow Jill on Twitter 
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