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You are about to read the most extraordinary blog ever written.  How fortunate for you that you have happened upon such a treasure and how fortunate for me that I have found you, lovely reader, to share my innermost thoughts and musings.  Will my thoughts be groundbreaking, thought provoking or intelligent?  Probably not.  They might however make you think, 'that's 6 minutes of my life I'll never get back.'  I will promise you however that there will be at least 3 postings good enough to share with two of your closest friends and one person whom you sort of like but don't want in your immediate circle.  Come along, won't you, as I venture out down a well-worn path and discuss things previously discussed.  Someone very wise, insightful and gorgeous once said, * " There's no use in crying when, given the right spin, life is really just a succession of hilarious events. Tears help nothing.  Laughter, at the very least, is good exercise."
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