Breann Kline
Breann Kline's life used to be a neat little package, with creased folds and perfect corners... entirely predictable and pleasantly comfortable. The ins and outs of her days were indistinguishable from the next. There was no single element that defined her. She was a wife, boxer owner, office worker, weekend lover, book reader, closet writer, good cook, savvy shopper, fortunate daughter, sunbather, amateur photographer, Internet and television addict.   Today, she is defined by the challenging and amazing journey known as motherhood and learning how to make all of the rest fit into place.
She considers herself native to the area, having lived here since she was 7 years old. She has watched in amazement as the area has grown and concrete structures emerged from fields of mustard. Agoura Hills is no doubt a hidden gem surrounded by rolling hills, ancient oak trees and in possession of rich history.  
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