How Residents of Agoura Hills Voted in the General Elections

See the breakdown of how precincts voted in our area.


Here are some of the specific voting numbers in the City of Agoura Hills from Tuesday's General Election:

Basic Statistics

Registered Voters in Agoura: 13,455

Ballots Cast: 9,034

Vote Cast Percentage: 67.14

Total Precincts: 24 (Total number of physical polling places)

Precincts Reporting: 24 (Total number of physical polling places, plus vote by mail precincts)

  • The total number of precincts represents the physical polling places. The Precincts reporting number represents the physical polling places, plus vote by mail precincts. Most precincts with polling places have a mirror vote by mail precinct. Precincts reporting will always be a little higher. Also, the total number of precincts minus the precincts reporting equals your vote by mail precincts.

Presidential Vote

Barack Obama: 4,679

Mitt Romney: 4,034

U.S. Senator

Diane Feinstein: 4,806

Elizabeth Emken: 3,788

33rd Congressional District

Henry Waxman: 3,898

Bill Bloomfield: 4,370

27th State Senate District

Fran Pavley: 4,594

Todd Zink: 3,863

50th Assembly District

Betsy Butler: 2,992

Richard Bloom: 3,977

District Attorney

Jackie Lacey: 3,831

Alan Jackson: 3,445

Measure 30

Yes: 4,202

No: 4,455

Measure 31

Yes: 2,673

No: 5,171

Measure 32

Yes: 3,841

No: 4,577

Measure 33

Yes: 3,812

No: 4,473

Measure 34

Yes: 3,596

No: 4,842

Measure 35

Yes: 6,388

No: 2,005

Measure 36

Yes: 5,618

No: 2,800

Measure 37

Yes: 3,906

No: 4,668

Measure 38

Yes: 1,793 

No: 6,626

Measure 39

Yes: 4,711

No: 2,308

Measure 40

Yes: 5,981

No:  2,308

Las Virgenes Mun Water District #4

 Len Polan: 515

Joseph Bowman: 337

Click on the links below for more information on voting statistics throughout the county and state.

  • Statewide voting statistics can be found here.
  • LA County voting statistics can be found here



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