VIDEO: The Great Malibu Debate

The seven City Council candidates participate in a debate hosted by Malibu Patch and Moms-Pod.

More than 50 people crowded into the Zuma Room at on Thursday to witness the first 2012 campaign event featuring all seven candidates. The Great Malibu Debate was hosted by Malibu Patch and Moms-Pod.

The candidates—Andy Lyon, Hamish Patterson, Hans Laetz, Joan House, John Sibert, Missy Zeitsoff and Skylar Peak—answered questions about , the possibility of , the proposed , , and their goals.

The attached eight videos feature an introduction, the candidates answering the six questions and their closing comments.

The top three vote-getters in this election will earn seats on the City Council. Election Day is April 10. The last day to register to vote is March 26.

Susan Tellem March 07, 2012 at 03:13 AM
At the first debate, most of the candidates misspoke or did not have a clue what they were talking about re: Cal trans, improvements on PCH, what safety measures have been instituted since Emily's death....just a lot of yammering without true knowledge of what the Public Safety Commission has done along with ASPCH. They act like we have accomplished nothing. That's because they did not do their homework or attend meetings. Suddenly everyone is showing up at council meetings, planning meeting, etc. Is that who we want sitting in Council chairs? Just being a 30 - 50 year resident is not enough, sorry.
Stephenie Glas March 07, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Declario....there is no slander here. You are interpreting a difference in opinion as slander. I am entitled to my opinion whether it makes you happy or not. Good on you Ms. Tellem. I feel exactly the same about them "not doing their homework" and that they are "now showing up" and making appearances...yeah what makes someone think that simply because they live here and surf well, that earns them the right to a City Council seat? Can't wait to have my questions answered tonite at the debate, and to hear some in depth discussions and proof of these claims I hear. Who knows, maybe they will show proof of the links they make between legacy park and the sewers. So far, I'm not impressed, only Lentz and Sibert look sharp and polished.
J. Flo March 07, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Anytime someone starts getting involved in any city politics, there is an obvious period of learning facts. It is never, nor could it possibly be, an overnight event. It takes endless time and work. These candidates are FAR more informed than most on the Patch, it amazes many the amount of misinformation posted here. But, most residents are no longer reading the comment section here anymore - anyway. A lot of smarts in this candidate group and they're courageously asking the right questions. There have, unfortunately, been disparaging and untrue remarks made here about them all, including Missy. Let's not forget that Missy has already been a city council-member and certainly has the criteria to run again. I hand it to each and every candidate for caring enough to throw their time and hat into the ring. For quickly getting into gear and attending the endless Malibu meetings that 99.9% of the population has never or will ever attend. I am encouraged by the conversations I've had with them and applaud their efforts. And John, for doing it all again -
Susan Tellem March 07, 2012 at 06:56 PM
J. I think Missy is a very good candidate as well.
Bob Perkins DDS March 07, 2012 at 07:41 PM
Totally agree, Susan. Missy is very deep and she seems tough and in touch. She seems to have a good B.S. detector. She and Hamish are on the same sides of some issues but seeing them right next to each other at the debate it was such a contrast in styles...they were the "odd couple".


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