Police Warn That Door-to-Door Soliciting May be Part of Burglary Scam

Local authorities are reporting that criminals are now using door-to-door soliciting as a method to gain entry to homes.


Officials from the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station and surrounding police agencies are reporting an increase in residential burglaries as part of a door-to-door sales scam and are asking the public to be alert for suspicious activity.

"The MO is the suspects go door-to-door knocking," said Det. Steven Collitti.

If someone answers the door, the criminals pretend to be solicitors, Collitti said.

However, if no one answers, the burglars will either break the window of the front door to gain entry, or they will go around to the rear of the house, where they make entry either through an open door or by forcibly entering the residence, Collitti said.

The detective encourages residents to call the sheriff's station front desk to report unusual solicitor activity. That number is 818-878-1808.

Betsy October 20, 2012 at 04:53 PM
This "method" of checking up homes (to either 'peep' to see what's inside while people open doors or to check home accessibility for later entry) has been happening EVERY year, around the holidays in Oak Park/Agoura neighbourhoods. They are aware if how trusting and confident residents are of others being that crime rate is low thru ot the year, they come with young teens with pretext of 'helping collect or sell something' to afford the holidays. Don't be surprise to find them doing this after dark or just before the sun goes down(harder to id a face in the shadow of lights). And PLEASE to the police, do NOT discourage residents from reporting those incidents by ASKING that you come out of your house, to ID, (face to face on the street!) then shouting up to your commander the name and address of the caller that report it all (mean while) standing in the prescence of the "suspected sales people") while his 'helpers' still waiting in car. Best advise ...if you have a home alarm USE IT!. If you don't GET ONE and add a night surveillance, record all activity and share it later ...peace of mind is priceless!.


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