Ziggy Marley 'Stirs It Up'

Reggae artist Ziggy Marley got everyone on their feet Wednesday night at the Canyon Club.

The progeny of legend Bob Marley carries the reggae torch high and bright.

The thing about Reggae Music is that it just makes you feel good..and makes you want to dance. So was the case Wednesday night at the with the performance of Ziggy Marley.

Reggae legend Bob Marley brought reggae to the mainstream throughout the '70's and '80's with a number of hit songs and legendary performances. His oldest son, Ziggy (which is slang for small joint), broke out on his own in the '80's with the hit "Tomorrow People" and gave the traditional reggae sound more of a world beat flavor. Over the years, he has recorded a number of albums and has established himself as a forminidble artist in his own right.

Wednesday night's show was quite a treat as Ziggy and his multi-ethnic band delivered many of Ziggy's songs along with a good helping of his Dad's material, including, "Stir it Up," "Is it Love?" and a rousing version of "Jammin.'"

Among the highlights of the show was an exuberant rendition of "Look Who's Dancing" and an extended encore that included Bob Marley's "Them Belly Full" and "Love is My Religion."

Truly a spiritual night for those that appreciate Reggae music and a tribute from a son to a father in the purest form.


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