You Can Go Green

We've got new ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

We have found more ways for you to reduce your carbon footprint. Try adopting small changes into your daily routine each week.

1. Locally Grown

  • Start buying locally-grown fruit and vegetables or try growing your own. Luckily Agoura has a great every Sunday. Goods and services that are produced locally eliminate thousands of pounds of carbon by reducing fossil fuel transportation demands.

2. Shopping Bags

  • Plastic bags are now banned in many cities, and many local stores sell reusable bags. Remember to keep these in your car for all grocery runs. 

3. Carpool

  • Do you have a friend that works and lives close to you? Try finding at least one day when you can ride to work together. Or maybe grab a group in one car when heading out for your lunch break. Sharing is caring!

4. Reusable Bottles

  • Rather than using plastic water bottles, invest in a reusable ones. Refill your water jug throughout the day. This is even great for your morning coffee or afternoon frappucinno. A lot of stores now carry trendy containers.

5. Leg Power

  • Need to make a run to a nearby store? Don't get into your car; drive instead. Get some exercise and go green by walking or riding your bike. Anytime you think, "Hey that's not that far," use your legs.
jeansformens May 08, 2011 at 10:42 AM
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