Night Hiking in Cheeseboro Canyon

Join Andrew on his late night Agoura adventure.

Cheeseboro Canyon Trails: Join us for this week's Agoura Adventure beginning at the Cheeseboro Canyon Trails. Explore the various original Chumash trails of this site that have been expanded over time and interweave throughout this park. Enjoy beautiful panoramas of the Conejo Valley, especially in the cool evening sunsets.

Location: Head north on Cheseboro Rd., into the Old Agoura neighborhood. After about a mile, there will be a clearly marked park entrance with a parking lot on your right side.

Featured trails: Modelo Trail: one mile, easy hiking trail starting at the ridge line of the Modelo Spur and continuing north along the ridge. This pathway offers views of the canyons. It ends at the Palo Comado Connector Trail, where you can turn right and travel east to Cheeseboro Canyon or left to travel to Palo Comado Canyon.

Hike type: Easy, slightly elevated

Special features: 360 degree views of the valley; views of the lights of Agoura Hills, especially those near Kanan Rd. (McDonalds sign is easy to spot.)

Parking: Free parking on the right side of Cheeseboro Rd. Make sure to park outside the gate if you plan on hiking past sunset.

Tips: The sun sets just before 8 p.m. in the month of August, so head up before that to see the beautiful sunset colors painted against Agoura Hills' landscape and so you can take pictures before it becomes too dark. Bring a headlamp and/or flashlights to light your way. Look for cool night-exclusive hiking features, such as owls, grasshoppers and crickets.

Bob Girard July 28, 2011 at 06:45 PM
Regarding Andrews ridulous warning about Coyotes, those "dangerous predators". There has never been a documented case of a coyote attacking a human in the Santa Monica Mountains. In fact, coyotes will usually go out of their way to avoid people on the trail. Chesebro Canyon is a great place for a night hike, especially on a full moon night. Be sure to catch the moon as it rises from the Modelo trail while hiking along the ridge top.
Mary Freeland September 04, 2011 at 07:54 PM
Please correct "Cheeseboro" to "Chesebro." It is a common mistake, but if you are a local and write about local places, you should make an effort to be accurate, and looking at local maps is always a good way to spellcheck. If you are a local, you should know that "conejo valley" should be capitalized just like San Fernando Valley, because it is a specific name of a region. When in doubt, look at a local newspaper and take a cue from them. Even though "conejo" itself is not a proper name (as Yosemite and San Fernando are), when it is part of a proper name it is capitalized. If you had used spellcheck, you would have seen that "panaramas" should be "panoramas." Perhaps your editor doesn't care, but we readers do. And we will help you grow as a writer. Other than these oversights, thank you for your article. And for going ahead of us on the trail, and encouraging us to hike during the cooler hours.
Mary Freeland September 04, 2011 at 08:10 PM
Andrew, I am backing off on the "Cheeseboro/Chesebro" issue, because even Google Maps and the California State Parks website and maps use both variations. I'm older than you, but never too old to be mistaken. And I forgot to thank you for "walking the twilight walk," not just "talking the talk." Yes, grammar matters, but so does courage, so you have a good future. Just watch out for those coyotes, esp. the two-legged ones.


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