Making Memories the Lazy Way

As my kids get older, I'm getting lazier about the memories we make.

When my kids were small, we’d play family games together almost every night of the week. My husband and I were both experts at rigging Candyland so that the youngest kid would win. We’ve spent what seems like a bazillion hours playing Clue, Uno Attack, Life, Crazy Eights and Mouse Trap. I used to call it making memories.

Now with sports and homework, it seems we never have the time.

Although twice a year, my son does make me play Monopoly. Monopoly has always been his favorite game, even now, at age 14. In fact, we currently have an active game of Monopoly sitting on the coffee table in the living room that we had to abandon two weeks ago, because it got too late. We have yet to find the right time to finish it.

Actually, to be truthful, I will admit that there are plenty of times that the family is home together, and the kids are done with their homework. In reality, we’re never going to finishing that Monopoly game or play any other board game for that matter. Why? We are too busy sitting on our butts watching TV.

Oh yeah, I am that kind of bad mom. And to make matters worse, I let my kids watch shows that are probably, most likely (okay, completely) inappropriate for them. Call the family values police–instead of bonding over wholesome family games, this Agoura Mama bonds with her kids over TV-14 shows!

I know, the horror!

Actually, the only TV-14 show I let my 11-year-old daughter watch is Modern Family. (But that show is so funny, how could I not?) I don’t let her watch Glee or Family Guy or The Office, even though she begs me to. Okay, I’m only a semi-bad mom. (My son is 14. He can watch all the inappropriate TV-14 shows he wants!)

Because TV night means we are missing out on game night, sometimes I will let everyone participate in a super fun activity called “Find Your Socks” that can be played while we all watch TV. The object of the game is to dig into the laundry basket that I place on the den floor, find the socks that belong to you, roll them into cute little balls and put them in a pile. The person with the biggest pile wins.

While this is going on, my husband will usually make popcorn on the stove, and my kids will fight over who gets the biggest bowl.

We all have our "TV" spots. My son lays on a love seat by himself. My husband and I sit on the other love seat. My daughter will lay on the floor or sit (on the crack) between my husband and me. Our love seats recline. There are usually blankets involved. This lazy family needs to be comfortable.

Some good Agoura moms might be making memories by taking their families on evening strolls through our beautiful neighborhoods after dinner. Others might be accusing Colonel Mustard of doing something naughty in the ballroom with a pipe wrench. But this Agoura mom is currently making memories with her kids by parking her butt on a love seat and turning on the TV.

I think that Monopoly game just might be collecting dust.


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