Letter to the Editor: Readers' Choice Awards' Dance Category

Patch reader calls for support amongst all dance studios and instructors.



I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Linda Bernabei Retter, and along with my husband Darryl Retter, we own Retter's Academy of Dance in Agoura Hills. We discovered a few weeks back that we were entered in your Reader's Choice Best Dance Studio in Agoura Hills contest. We did pass this info along to family and friends to support our Community, and allow our valued dance families the opportunity to share their experiences with others.
To my knowledge, the contest ended August 17th at 12:00 midnight.

We would like to congratulate Wild Card Dance Studio for receiving the most votes. Also, we were very impressed by the heartfelt messages to Betsy Melber, owner of Agoura Hills Dance Studio. From my perspective, all the studios involved do their very best to pass on their expertise in the Art of Dance. We are proud to live in a community where families have a choice of quality Dance Studios and can choose the correct "fit" for their child.

Most would agree that children are learning, growing, developing, creating, and benefitting from attending their favorite Dance Studio! And, isn't that what it's all about... providing our very best service to aid in the artistic development of young dance enthusiasts? The end result is beyond magical!

I learned many valuable lessons from my show business and dance educational years. And that is to SUPPORT each other!  We all share the common desire to teach dance, and some to teach valuable life lessons that mold, shape, develop and inspire students to be the very best they can be!

There is enough negative exposure with "Dance Moms", "Toddlers and Tiaras", and other reality shows that make a mockery of the Dance Arts. Our own community dies not need to join in any negative response, comments or actions that ultimately diminish the beauty and privilege of developing a young dancers gift.  This process takes knowledge, patience, talent, wisdom, stamina, passion and love. And, this process deserves a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

So, to all involved... Bravo on all your accomplishments. Bravo on your life's mission. Bravo on giving your BEST each and every day, year after year. You are all truly "THE BEST"! Do not let comments that are untrue affect your goals, your enthusiasm, or your dreams.

This is, of course, just my opinion. And anyone who knows me, knows I do feel the need to speak up when need be.

From the Heart,
Linda Bernabei Retter


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