How to Grow the Perfect Garden

Jeannie Halstead grows her own organic fruits and vegetables in her front yard. From watermelons to squash, she, teaches us a thing or two about creating the perfect garden.

The only thing I know about fruits and vegetables is that I try to make organic selections at my local markets.

But Jeannie Halstead doesn't have to worry about that, since she and her husband, Brad, grow their own pesticide and spray-free organic produce right in their front yard.

From watermelons to squash, and even blueberries, Jeannie–or the Garden Guru, as I refer to her–offers Patch advice about organic gardening, including the proper balance of fruits and vegetables to aid in the pollination process and how adding ladybugs and preying mantis help keep away destructive insects. She also takes us through the positive effects of composting and discusses why watching a garden bloom is the most rewarding aspect.

Halstead started her garden only this March and explains that patience, along with trial and error, is the best way to go about making it thrive.

From seeds all the way to the dinner table, watch this video for the latest tips on how to start a garden of your own.


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