Enjoy the Abundance of Spring

Agoura Hills offers lush meadows meadows, flowing creeks, and bustling wildlife in the spring time.

The hills and meadows surrounding Agoura Hills are particularly lush and green this time of year. Generous rainfall has filled the creeks and streams with water, providing large, deep pools, a strong flow and several powerful waterfalls.  These are just a few of the sights and sounds from our hills, canyons and parks, awaiting the adventurous hiker. 

The entire length of Medea Creek is a great place to walk and enjoy the creek-side flowers, thistles and willows. And if you look closely, you’ll spot large, artistic displays of graffiti, created on the cement walls below the bridges.

Though you can’t drive your car up or into or Canyons, you can walk, climb or hike there which will yield some pretty rewarding experiences. Medea Creek is like a jungle river, changing its depth, width and clarity as it meanders down into the canyon below the 101.

Although it currently does not look like the rainy season will ever end, we know that once it does, all the lovely green grasses will go dry and brown after a week or so of summer heat. So enjoy the natural scenery while you can.

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