Commentary: California Drives Investment in Cleaner Cars

And the results are good for everyone, according to State Senator Fran Pavley.

Last week, the California Air Resources Board passed a new package of Advanced Clean Car rules continuing California’s leadership in auto technology. 

It is rare that a regulatory action will result in such a big win for the economy, consumers, national security and the environment.

Simply put, cleaner cars will save money and drive job creation.

As the original author of California’s landmark clean car law that now serves as our national standard, the Advanced Clean Car standards will help clean our air, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, ensure automakers have the certainty they need to create jobs and save consumers money at the pump.

According to the Air Resources Board, by 2025 you will see nearly $6,000 in fuel savings over the life of your, nearly triple the estimated per vehicle cost. Based on typical financing for a new vehicle, savings accrue the minute the car drives off the lot.

California’s commitment to Advanced Clean Cars is good for U.S. auto companies competing in the increasing demands of the global clean car marketplace, as well as national consumer demands. 

The adopted rules ensure the development of environmentally superior vehicles in a full range of models from SUV’s, pick-up trucks as well as compact cars. These rules combine new control of greenhouse gases, soot and other pollutants in both gasoline and diesel powered vehicles.

The California Air Resources Board economic analysis indicates some of the benefits of the new rules:

•  Savings of $5 billion in operating costs for California drivers by 2025 – which rises to $10 billion in 2030 when more advanced cars are on the road

•  1.4 million zero-emission and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the road by 2025

•  An additional 21,000 jobs in clean car related jobs in California in 2025, raising to 37,000 in 2030.

•  75% reduction in smog forming emissions by 2025

•  Reduction of 52 million tons of greenhouse gases by 2025, the equivalent of taking ten million cars off the road

California has, and will continue to lead the world in creating markets for cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars. In fact, California is now the home to three innovative electric car companies bringing in revenue and creating new jobs.

Clean cars are reviving American car manufacturers and their ability to compete and succeed in the global economy.

Our first effort helped the Obama Administration to adopt a truly historic agreement to increase fuel economy and set the nation’s first greenhouse gas standard for new passenger cars and light trucks. California is raising the bar to help the U.S. remain the global clean car technology innovator and manufacturer.

Once again, California is leading the way in economic and environmental sustainability.

 -- Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills)


State Senator Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills) is of the Chair of the State Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee. Senator Pavley authored Assembly Bill 1493 (2002), which created California’s first advanced clean car standards and became the national standard.

Ian Taras, M.D.-Boutique GYN February 07, 2012 at 02:55 AM
Thank YOU Fran Pavley. Green cars is not a Liberal vs. Conservative issue. It is a USA issue. Don't beleive me, check out Conservative, Bob Lutz's article from a few days ago: http://www.forbes.com/sites/boblutz/2012/01/30/chevy-volt-and-the-wrong-headed-right/
John February 07, 2012 at 05:17 PM
You will see nearly $6,000 in fuel savings? Are they taking into account the fact that when demand on fuel goes down the oil producers are just going to slow production to get prices higher? Let's just get away from gasoline engines all together. Then the questions of course will be infrastructure to meet the demand on old, antiquated power grids.


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