Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

Add a little sparkle to this traditional children's toy, and you'll have a fabulous Hanukkah decoration.

Have you tried to look for Hanukkah decorations in a store lately? If so, you probably left empty-handed; the selection is pathetic, to say the least. Unless you are looking for paper plates, napkins or a bag of Hanukkah gelt, more often than not you're out of luck.

While tradition does not dictate for Hanukkah the plethora of decorations that Christmas does, it's still nice to be able to get a little festive, so I've come up with a sparkly twist on an old tradition. The essential elements are few, the instructions are simple and the result will earn you compliments for years to come.

Below you will find the basic materials necessary to complete this project. A few clicks through the slideshow above will have you on your way to creating a whimsical Hanukkah decoration for your home.

Basic materials:

  • Dreidels, the more the better
  • Spray adhesive (I used Elmer's CraftBond Spray Adhesive)
  • Fine glitter in classic Hanukkah colors (blue, white and silver)
  • Paper plates
  • A display vessel, such as a glass or vase
  • Wax paper

Tips and tricks:

  • Gather all of the essential elements in advance in a container such as a shoe box, basket or large Tupperware tub. This way you will have everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Line your work space with paper for easy cleanup and to avoid damaging furniture or floors.
  • Give yourself about an hour to complete this project; this will include drying time.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area, as the spray adhesive has strong fumes.
  • Putting glittered dreidels on wax paper will ensure they don't stick once they are dry.
  • The more tones of glitter you use, the prettier the end product will be.
  • The more dreidels you use, the more impressive your display will be.

Final touches

To round out this display, I draped blue mini-lights in a random pattern on the table. I then layered silver organza over the lights to create a soft, glowing foundation. A few blue, silver and white candles, one menorah and a playful Mark Roberts fairy later, the sparkly dreidels are complete and festive.


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