At Stake: The future of Horse Keeping in the Santa Monica Mountains

Hearing to approve Los Angeles County Local Coastal Plan  - Feb 11, 2014

Residents in the coastal zone, which includes areas in the 91301 and 91302 zip codes south of Mulholland, are preparing to fight for the right to keep their horses.

There is concern among these residents, along with environmentalists, that
developers, and others with financial incentives will petition the Board of Supervisors to amend the draft Coastal Plan to lighten development standards. Horse-keeping in the Santa Monicas is also up for debate. The hearing to to approve the draft is open to the public and is set for February 11, 2014.

The California Coastal Act mandates that all jurisdictions within the Coastal Zone adopt a local coastal program (LCP) which establishes the policies and implementation measures/development standards for protecting coastal resources. The County of Los Angeles in 1986 adopted the Malibu Land Use Plan for the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone which has served as this area’s land use plan for the past two decades. However, an implementation program was never adopted.As such, the County prepared a draft LCP which it made available to the public on July 17, 2006 and which was ultimately approved by the Board of Supervisors on October 30, 2007. However, because the Board of Supervisors requested specific modifications at its October 30, 2007 hearing, the draftLCP has yet to receive final consent approval. Once this occurs, the LCP will be presented to the California Coastal Commission for its certification. Once certified, the LCP’s policies and development standards will govern development of land in the Coastal Zone region of unincorporated Los Angeles County properties in the Santa Monica Mountains. As presently crafted, the policies, resource delineations, and implementation measures of the proposed LCP will result in severe limitations on any future development of private property.
For a full text of the draft click here.

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Nona Green February 07, 2014 at 10:47 PM
The passing of the draft Local Coastal Plan on Feb 11, may depend on members of the public filling out speaker cards and standing up at the hearing in support. Anyone who wishes to attend the meeting and who would like to carpool (with enough participation, a bus will be hired) from Agoura, please call Nona 818 426-2292.
Nona Green February 10, 2014 at 01:00 PM
From the desk of Ruth Gerson, president Save Open Space The LCP in its present form is very harmful for the equestrian community. It is not right of County government to expect us to read almost 800 pages in 30 days, to understand it all, and to accept it without discussion. There should be public workshops by the Planning Commision to explain the draft and to take out the inconsistencies, of which there are many overlapping provisions that negate one another. This is basically a high pressure sales pitch. If something is really good today, it will still be good in 3 months. Rushing this through conerns me that there are major things hidden that will surface after thoroughly reading and discussing this document. Initially, I supported what Don said about the LCP. However, after meeting and discussing this with other horse people, it was determined how flawed and confusing this document is. Even Don saw where several issues in the document were disastrous. As an example, no agriculture is allowed and horses are part of agriculture. That needs changing throughout the LCP and LIP. The horse community will suffer greatly if this passes. There is so much inconsistency and overlapping of provisions that it is inconceivable how the County expects anyone to agree to this without further discussions, maps and explanations. The County is remiss in trying to push this through so fast. I agree that we need an LCP, and I agree with Zev's interest in wanting a workable program, but I do not agree to supporting this LCP. We need public workshops with public input. The stakes are high and we will have to live with the LCP forever. Lets' get a document that supports the equestrian community for today and for our grandkids. This one does not support the equestrian facilities or uses in the SMMNRA. Ruth
Nona Green February 10, 2014 at 01:11 PM
The Las Virgenes Homeowner's Federation read the draft resolution in it's entirety, and full supports it's passing. They feel that Ruth Gerson's comments are inaccurate, and that horse keeping will be includedfrom acceptable uses in the Coastal Zone, yet vineyards will no longer be allowed.


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