Cardio Kidz Youth Yoga

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 618 Lindero Canyon Rd Agoura Hills CA 91377  See map

*Classes also offered 1pm and 1:30pm for ages 3-5, 3pm and 3:30pm for ages 5-12*


CARDIO KIDZ YOGA is a yoga program for children between the ages of 3 and 12. It fosters a healthy foundation and lifestyle for children through creative fitness and imaginative purposeful play. CARDIO KIDZ YOGA classes are quite different from the typical meditative adult yoga class. In our classes children are  animated, noisy and  free-spirited! Adults often have to work at yoga, but kids play yoga!

While "playing" yoga, children move about the room, play breathing games, make noises, act out stories, and pretend to be animals. They hiss like snakes in the Cobra pose, bark like dogs in the Downward Facing Dog pose and learn to balance on one foot while standing tall like trees.

CARDIO KIDZ YOGA uses storytelling, games, music, art, and puppets to engage children both physically and mentally. Research shows that when children do yoga in a playful but structured and safe environment, by a qualified instructor, it promotes:

Better body awareness.

Confidence and self-esteem.

Improvement in their powers of concentration and focus.

Development of brain and intellect.

Balance, flexibility, coordination and strength.

The ability to cope  with stress and difficult emotions.

Creativity and imagination.

Sharpened and expanded awareness.

The development of calmness. 

So slither, hop, bounce, or fly right over to yoga class! All you need to bring is your imagination!

Joy Howe, owner and founder of CARDIO KIDZ, has dedicated herself to inspiring today’s youth toward better health.  Joy Howe’s passion for fitness and health of both the mind and body was the catalyst for the program. 


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