High Energy Dog Needs Active Family

Kelly needs to be with people on the go.


Kelly, an 8-year-old male German wire-haired pointer mix, was turned in by his owner who said he couldn’t control him. He is a big boy who acts as though he is 8-months-old rather than his actual age.

He can be a little stubborn and is quite lively and energetic, but with his DNA (his breed is known for being smart) and your focus and consistency, he can be trained to do just about anything.

Here are some things you should know about him:

  • He loves to run, play, fetch some toys and run some more.
  • He has lived with a couple of smaller dogs and cats, too, but he doesn’t seem to get along with dogs outside of his immediate pack. If you have a dog at home, it would be best to do a meet and greet before adopting him.
  • He loves to play in the water.
  • He thrives on vigorous exercise.
  • He is housebroken.
  • He will do well with older children.

He has a high energy level and belongs with an equally athletic owner who will take him running and biking. Too much confinement and too little attention can lead to barking, hyperactivity and destructive chewing. This breed is strong-willed and determined and needs an owner who knows how to lead.

If you have an apartment, he is not the pup for you. He needs a yard and lots of time to run and play.

To choose Kelly, request ID A4134362. The Agoura Hills Animal Shelter is at 29525 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills. Occasionally pets have already been adopted. To check availability, call 818-991-0071 or visit the website.

Pattie McCann Tracy December 05, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Such a delightful dog, but very high energy. So if you are a couch potato, Kelly isn’t for you. He needs to run, hike, be active and you both will love every minute of it. H’s got a one-of-a-kind fur face you have to admit, so if you can give him the patience, exercise, love, inside home and training, come see him today. You both will be glad you did!


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