Firefighters to Practice Nighttime Helicopter Operations

The Ventura County Fire Department and the Ventura County Sheriff's Air Unit will perform these exercises over Oak Park this Saturday night.


The Ventura County Fire Department and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Air Unit will be practicing nighttime helicopter operations in Oak Park this Saturday evening. The training will occur from 7:30-9 p.m.

Firefighters will be using a designated landing area near Lambourne Place in Oak Park to fill the helicopter with water. The helicopter will then make water drops, simulating a brush fire attack.

“We understand that this kind of training can be disruptive to a neighborhood,” said Fire Captain Brian Sullivan, “but it’s critical for the firefighters and helicopter pilots to practice these skills so we’ll be ready to use them if a wildfire threatens the area. We hope our neighbors on Lambourne Place and the surrounding areas will consider any inconvenience from the training to be an investment in their safety.”

During the training, the helicopter will land, firefighters will use a fire engine to pump water from a hydrant into the 380-gallon tank being carried by the helicopter, and then the helicopter will lift off and drop the water on a simulated fire. It generally takes between 45 seconds and one minute to fill the water tank.

Residents with questions or concerns are welcome to contact Fire Station 36 for more details. The station is located at 855 Deerhill Road in Oak Park. The telephone number is 818-597-2954.


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