Case of the Runaway Calf [VIDEO]

Bull calf escapes owner, wanders onto Agoura High School campus.

had an unexpected visitor Tuesday morning, and it wasn't a new student or a parent. A bull calf had managed to escape from its owner in Old Agoura and find its way on campus, much to the surprise of the students and faculty.

Owner Donald Roser of Old Agoura had recently purchased the 9-month-old calf and was attempting to move it from one pen to another when it ran away, said deputy Armando Loureiro of the , who first responded to the call at about 9:45 a.m.

Loureiro immediately contacted animal control.

"At first we had it cornered on Carell Avenue, but it broke free and headed to the school," he said.

Patch's  happened to be on campus during the incident. "I was walking on the field when I heard a commotion," she said. "I turned around and saw a cow run by. It was closely followed by a group of people that included law enforcement and animal control. It was like something out of a comedy."

Finally, with the assistance of additional officers, animal control and helpful neighbors, the group managed to corral the animal on one of the school's tennis courts, Loureiro said.

"We were able to lasso it and put it in its trailer to take home unharmed," he said.

According to Louriero, the entire incident took about 1-1/2 hours, and there were no injuries.

Campus aide Chris Malden captured part of the incident on his iPhone, which is attached as a video.


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