Purses Stolen From Women's Cars in Agoura

In both cases, the women tried to cover up their purses with sweaters, but a thief shattered windows to get inside.

Thieves broke into two cars to steal covered-up purses in Agoura this week.

The first vehicle burglary was reported on Jan. 24 in the parking lot at Agoura City Hall on Ladyface Court near Agoura Road, according to the Lost Hills/Malibu Sheriff's Station.

A woman left her purse on the floor behind the driver's seat covered with a sweatshirt, but a thief shattered the driver's side door. The purse and its contents were stolen.

The second theft was reported on Jan. 27 in the parking lot of the "Do It Center" at 28750 Agoura Road in Agoura.

A woman left her purse on the floor and covered it with her sweater, partially placing it under the seat. She came back to find a window shattered, but all the doors were still locked.

In her purse were $370 in cash, credit cards and her license.

Separately, five iMac computers valued at $8,000 were stolen from a business in the 29800 block of Agoura Road. 


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