Agoura Businesses That Closed in 2012

While several new businesses sprouted in Agoura Hills in 2012, the community also said farewell to a few.


The past year brought 104 new businesses into town, according to reports obtained from the City of Agoura Hills' finance department.

SoCal chain Brendan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant led the long list of businesses that set up shops last year, according to the report.

A large number of independently owned businesses decided to make Agoura Hills their new home, including a dental practice, a photography business, a publishing firm, an acupuncturist, a tailor and a nail spa, among others.

Sweet XO, an independent candy and dessert shop, also made its debut in the springtime, replacing Blockbuster Video on Kanan Road.

However, 31 businesses did not fare as well. Among the businesses that closed in 2012 were high-end bike shop Sundance Cycles, Prudential Financial, Orion Medical Group, Cali USA Acoustics, a design center, an insurance brokerage firm and a hardware store.

However, 31 may not be the real number of businesses that closed in Agoura Hills, according to Monica Hanson, accounting specialist with the City of Agoura Hills' finance department. 

“A business that’s ‘closed’ doesn’t mean that it actually closed,” said Hanson. “It may have moved to another town.”

Hanson cites Wood Ranch as an example. The popular barbecue and grill place just moved its corporate headquarters to nearby Westlake Village, but did not close its restaurant's doors.

According to Hanson, the number only represents the businesses that have actually informed the city of their intention to cease operating in Agoura Hills.

Every year, businesses in Agoura Hills are required to renew their registrations by January. The city mails out the renewal forms, which may prompt some business owners to cancel their business registrations.

These businesses are not required to state the reason for their closure or move to another location. "Some just never turn their forms in or inform the city of their intentions," said Hanson.

The number should never be considered final. “For sure, I will still be receiving notices of businesses closing for another couple of months,” said Hanson.

According to the City of Agoura Hills website, "...business registrations ensure that establishments are operating in the correct zoning district and adhering to municipal codes."

The process also helps the city understand the business community better, aids with various aspects of city planning and makes the city more responsive to the community's needs.

The annual business registration fee is $65. Conducting a business without a registration is considered a misdemeanor.

Businesses that closed:

  1. Parkinson Insurance Agents & Brokers
  2. Omi Benefits
  3. B & P Discount Food Sales
  4. Cali USA Acoustics Inc.
  5. Wood Ranch USA Inc.
  6. Greene Street Construction Inc.
  7. Christine C. Milton
  8. Kief Adler Inc.
  9. Prudential Financial
  10. Crumpler & Kruger Commercial Real Estate
  11. Anne Michelle LLC
  12. Hollywod West Electric & Sales
  13. Bijan Design Center Inc.
  14. Pure Devotion Clothing Co.
  15. Rencon Technologies Corp.
  16. Sterling Engagements Inc.
  17. Orion Medical Group
  18. Hi-Vision Sports LLC
  19. Intelligent Systems Research Inc.
  20. David F. Moon CPA
  21. Diane Becker
  22. Prime Lending A Plains Capital Co.
  23. Mazaar Expo Inc.
  24. NCR Corp.
  25. Supplies Management Solutions
  26. Reproductive Immunology Associates
  27. Microvue Inc.
  28. A & R Door and Hardware
  29. Services International Corp.
  30. High Road Program Inc.
  31. Sundance Cycles LLC


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