How Many Candles, You Ask? Well, Don't Ask

Local musical entrepreneur and all-around rascal Roy Jeans celebrates another year on the planet today. Come to the party at Armando's tonight.

Ah, the birthday. A time for reflection, and celebration. A time when those of us who are, um, of a certain age begin to savor those rare moments of glory and significance, because we grow all too aware of how precious and few they are. 

It's a day when many of us wish Facebook didn't have that stupid notification, alerting the world as we know it to the fact that we're a year closer to whatever fate holds in store for us. A day when jokes about candles and forest fires abound. A day when the consumption of perhaps a little too much alcohol seems incredibly justified, no matter what the morrow's consequences might be.

But today we tip the mighty Birthday Hat to a Martinez man who has transcended such concerns. Today we say "Happy Birthday" to none other than Roy Jeans, founder and proprietor of the best music club in the Bay Area - Armando's. It is Roy Jeans who has provided musicians everywhere a room where they can perform without the distraction and corruption of audience members talking loudly over the performance. It is Roy who recognizes that "Mustang Sally" needs to never, ever be played live again, by anyone, anywhere, ever. Period. It is Roy who charges $10 for most shows, even though similar concerts these days cost ten times that, plus parking. 

How old is Roy today, you ask? Well, ask not. Roy is forever young. That's how old Roy is today. 

And you can wish him Happy Birthday yourself. Tonight beginning at 8 p.m. at Armando's, he is holding himself a birthday bash/benefit, featuring a spectacular musical lineup and hosted by (blush) your humble author. Included on the bill is The Hopeful Romantics, Frankie G., Jeff and Isabelle Magidson, Wendy DeWitt, the Very Bad Boys and Caroompas Room. Plus, you never know who else is going to pop in and perform. Rumor has it that Roy himself is going to take the stage, perhaps more than once. 

So come to Armando's tonight and wish the musical maestro a happy birthday. He's earned it. And when you see him tomorrow, speak softly. He'll probably be a little sensitive to sounds. He'll be older, you see. . . 

Doreen November 10, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Many Happy Returns of the Day, Roy! I remember you from age 14 but I won't tell when that was.
Chris J Kapsalis November 10, 2012 at 09:23 PM
I would guess 64, but it is just a number. I never think of years just how I feel. I feel better now than I did at 43 and 30 pounds heavier. So who cares. I will be turing 50 in a couple years but it doesn;t faze me. The big Five O. Fifty. Fifty years old. omg.


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