Calabasas: Home to the Kardashians, Selena Gomez and a Tiger?

A neighbor tipped off a state agency, and the rapper Tyga's Bengal is now in an undisclosed facility in Ventura County.

Photo credit: California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Photo credit: California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Grammy-nominated rap artist Tyga kept a tiger at his Calabasas home, but it has since been relocated by California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials, various news outlets reported.

At first, the Ventura County Star reported the animal's home address was somewhere in that county. 

But since then, the Los Angeles Times has learned that the tiger resided in Calabasas with Tyga.

A neighbor alerted state officials, who reportedly staked out the celebrity's home for hours. Tyga had transferred the tiger, however, to an animal shelter in Camarillo, the Star reported. 

State officials have since moved the big cat to an undisclosed facility licensed to handle such a creature. 

Now, Tyga could face criminal charges for keeping the exotic pet at his suburban mansion, reports NBC Los Angeles. Animals such as tigers are forbidden to own as pets under the Fish and Game Code.

The animals "must be kept in a permitted facility that is licensed to house and care for restricted species," NBC reported. Tyga could faces fines and up to six months in jail for misdemeanor possession of a prohibited species.


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