The 'Rain Man of Beer' to Make a Stop at The Lab Brewing Co. on His National Tour

Lance Rice, known as the "Rain Man of Beer" will be visiting The Lab Brewing Co. this Friday, September 20th and meeting with guests and fans at 4 p.m. as a part of his national brewery tour. 

Rice is not only visiting breweries across America, but raising awareness for Autism along the way. Rice is a 55-year-old Autistic man as well as a recognized beer historian. 

"It's been Lance's dream to do a tour like this and The Lab was happy to donate to his kickstarter project and we can't wait to meet him this Friday," said Roger Bott, Owner and Brewmeister for The Lab.

Rice is currently writing a book about beer aided by his photographic memory and extensive knowledge of American beer. His nephew Aaron Rice is documenting his trip with plans for a future documentary. 

For more information on this event, Lance Rice or LA Beer Week events visit these links:

Los Angeles Magazine

Lance's Brewery Tour

The Lab Brewing Co.'s Facebook Page (Updated Daily)


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